Banquet Served Dinner Menu

2021 Pricing

Requires a minimum of 35 adult guests.

Please add 6% sales tax and 20% taxable service charge to all pricing

 A 200.00 private room charge is required.

++Additional Cost may apply


~Served Dinner~


All Served Dinners include the following:

Salad choice, entree, starch and vegetable, roll and butter,

coffee, hot tea, iced tea and lemonade.


Also available for additional costs are appetizers, desserts, sodas, and alcohol at listed price


Served Appetizers for additional cost:

 (Choice of one)


Fresh Fruit Medley- 2.95


Soups- 4.75

Chicken corn, Broccoli and cheese, Beef vegetable,

Potato leak, Vegetable


Signature Soups- 6.75

Manhattan style crab chowder ++, Tomato bisque



Served Salad- included

 (Choice of One for All Guests)

Mixed Garden Salad - Tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Petite Caesar Salad - Crisp Romaine with Asiago and parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing

Baby Spinach Salad - Bacon, red onion, mushroom, hard-boiled egg, and poppy-seed dressing

Entrée Choices

(Choice of one combination dinner OR two single entrée selections

Higher entrée price prevails)

Combination Dinners

Choose only one option for all of your guests

Braised Beef and Chicken Marsala                                                       

Slow cooked beef and pan seared chicken Marsala                                                               25.45

Chicken Marsala and Salmon

Pan seared chicken Marsala and grilled salmon                                                                      23.95

Braised Beef and Crab Cake

Slow cooked beef and a Fireside crab cake                                                                             29.45 ++

Chicken Marsala and Filet

Chicken Marsala and a 6oz filet prepared medium                                                                 32.95

Filet and Crab Cake

6oz filet prepared medium and a Fireside crab cake                                                              36.95 ++

Single Entree Choices

Choice of two single entrée selections – entrée indicators are required

Food counts are due with the final guest count

Higher price prevails



Chicken Marsala

Sautéed chicken breast and mushrooms with Marsala wine demi-glaze                                   21.95

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken breast with marinara and mozzarella                                                                  21.95

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Homemade bread stuffing, served with a supreme sauce                                                              21.95

Breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu

Stuffed chicken breast with ham and Swiss cheese, breaded and served with a supreme sauce           22.50

Turkey Breast

Sliced turkey breast with gravy                                                                                                            19.95


Pork and Ham

Pork Loin

Roasted pork loin with apple glaze                                                                                                     22.95

Baked Ham

Baked ham with pineapple sauce                                                                                                        19.95



Apricot Salmon

Filet of salmon dusted with Cajun seasoning and glazed with an apricot reduction                25.95

Broiled Flounder Stuffed with Lump Crabmeat

Topped with lemon dill sauce                                                                                                               25.50 ++

New England Crusted Cod

Served with Newburg sauce                                                                                                                  22.95

Fireside Crab Cakes

Made with lump crab and broiled                                                                                                       26.95 ++


Served with lemon beurre blanc                                                                                                          25.95              


Beef and Veal

Slow Cooked Braised Beef

In a rich brown sauce                                                                                                                             27.95

Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus

(Min. of 15 people) Slow roasted and prepared medium for your guests                                   29.25 ++

Filet Mignon

8oz with red wine demi sauce, prepared medium for your guests                                               29.95 ++

Veal Parmesan

Breaded and served with marinara and mozzarella                                                                        24.95

Veal Marsala

Served with mushroom marsala sauce                                                                                               24.95



Vegetable Sautee

Julienned vegetables with garlic butter sauce over quinoa                                                           19.95

‘Beyond’ Meatless Meatloaf

Served with a red wine sauce                                                                                                 Market price

“Beyond’ Vegetable Parmesan

Breaded with marinara and mozzarella                                                                              Market price


Served Desserts- For additional cost

(Choice of one for all guests)

Peanut Butter Pie- 6.00

Bourbon Pecan Pie- 5.25

Warm Apple Crisp / Whipped Cream- 5.25

Carrot Cake- 5.25

Oreo Cheesecake- 5.25

Raspberry Cheesecake- 5.25

Flourless Chocolate Torte- 6.00

               Snickers Blitz Pie- 6.00    


Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream served with your dessert – 2.00


Dessert Stations are available upon request with 50 or more guests



Add Stationary or Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres pricing is based on a half hour time period prior to dinner service

Please ask about our Hors d’oeuvres menus to enhance your event


Please keep in mind that all menus can be customized to your individual tastes or dietary needs






Terms of Agreement


  1. A non-refundable deposit of 200.00 is expected at the time of booking. Full payment is expected the day of the event by cash or check. The price per person does not include 6% PA sales tax or 20% taxable service charge. If using a credit card a 3.4% convenience fee will be added.

  2. Menu selection, room arrangements and all other details must be received thirty days prior to the event.

  3. A fairly accurate guest count should be estimated at the time of booking. The host agrees to inform two weeks before the event and again three business days before the event of a guaranteed number of guests. If more than a 20% decrease in the count is made from original approximate count, an increase in price per person may occur, other room assignments be made, and menus may need to be adjusted.  For Buffet and Served Menus, a minimum of thirty-five adult guests is required. Fewer than thirty-five people a price difference may apply.

  4. Prices are subject to change up to 90 days prior to any function based on market fluctuation.

  5. Valid ID is required for all guests consuming alcoholic beverages. Anyone without ID and whose age is determined to be questionable will be denied service regardless of age. We Fireside Tavern reserves the right to request ID from anyone seen consuming alcohol and ask anyone to leave the function for violation of the law and property policies. Fireside Tavern reserved the right to deny alcohol when deemed appropriate.

  6. There is a bartender fee of 100.00 for a three-hour event. Bar packages can vary from cash bar, open bar, or a variation of both.

  7. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor areas

  8. The Fireside Tavern agrees to assume the responsibility for the staff and equipment. The host agrees to assume responsibility for any and all damages caused by any guests, invitee, hired vendors, or other person attending the function.

  9. A cleaning fee may be applied to the invoice for and of the following, but not limited to: glitter, flower petals, feathers, or bird seed used in the building.

  10. No outside food or beverage is permitted unless arranged with a manager ahead of time. All remaining food provided by Fireside Tavern is property of Fireside Tavern and cannot be taken off premise due to liability.

  11. Multiple Entrées - Some form of entrée indication is required at the guest table, such as coded name tags, or colored tickets. This will enable better service. The higher price prevails for two separate entrees. A third entree is an additional 3.00 per person.

Multiple Desserts- An additional dessert option is an additional 1.00 per person. The higher price prevails for two separate desserts

12. .All events are based on three (3) assigned hours. Additional hours for the Lancaster,

Fulton or Strasburg rooms are 150.00 per hour. Additional hours for the ballroom

will be given by quote.  The host agrees to begin the event as close to the scheduled

time as possible.

13. China, glassware, flatware, tables, chairs, and house linens are provided by Fireside Tavern and included in the cost per person.

14. All cancellation notices shall be written and will be effective on the date of receipt by The Fireside Tavern.



1500 Historic Drive, Strasburg, PA  17579      

717-687-7979 ext. 2

Additional Items to Enhance your Event



~Outdoor Cocktail Hour~


Include 4 high top tables

5 tables with chairs and ivory linens


~High Top Tables~

To enhance your cocktail hour

6.00 per table


~Outdoor Cocktail Hour Bar Set Up~


An outdoor bar set up for the outdoor cocktail hour


~Chocolate Fountain~ 

For a 1 hour period

6.95 per person

Includes Fresh strawberries, cubed pineapple, pretzels, marshmallows, graham crackers, and pound cake



~Ice Cream Sundae Bar~

For a 1 hour period

7.25 per person

Includes Vanilla Ice Cream Balls, sprinkles, peanuts, Oreo topping, Reese’s peanut butter crumbles, cherries, whipped cream, caramel topping, chocolate syrup



~Venetian Buffet~

For a 1 hour period

8.50 per person

Includes small bite sized/miniature desserts and pastries… Lemon Squares, Pecan Diamonds, Cookies, Strawberries, Fresh Fruits, Cheesecakes, etc.



~French Fry Bar~

For a half hour period

4.95 per person

Crispy fries with toppings to include….

Ketchup, Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper, Ranch, Old Bay, Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Scallions



~Wine Pour~

An offering of red or white wine after the salad course has been served

Pricing is dependent upon the wine that is chosen

5.50 per person for house wines



~Gold Chargers~

100.00 flat fee

One for each guest place setting to enhance the guest tables

They will be removed from the tables after dinner service



~Gourmet Coffee Station~

5.95 per person

Regular and Decaf coffees with assorted creamers, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks

Hot tea with lemons


~Sorbet Intermezzo~

3.00 per person

Enhance your served dinner

Chilled Sorbet – Lemon, Raspberry or Mango

Served prior to the entrée course



~Hors d’oeuvres~

For a non-wedding event

For a 1 hour period

Please ask about our Butlered and Stationary Hors d’oeuvres menus



~Carving Station~

For a non-wedding event

Please ask about our carving station menu to add to your buffet



~Sangria Station~

For a non-wedding event

This would include both white and red sangrias along with assorted fruits, glassware, straws, etc.

65.00 per gallon



~Mimosa Station~

For a non-wedding event

This would include assorted juices and fruits along with our house champagne, glassware, etc.

2.50 per person plus 18.00 per bottle of champagne



~Champagne Toast~

For a non-wedding event

House champagne served as a toast to the event

3.75 per person



~Berry Enhancement~

Add a sliced strawberry, blueberry, blackberry or raspberry to enhance your champagne toast

1.95 per person



~Sparkling Cider Toast~

For a non-wedding event

Sparkling Cider served as a toast to the event

3.50 per person

Served Combinaion Meal